Dry lining

Dry Lining: Exemplary Expertise and Compliance with Stringent Regulations

At ILS Management Ltd , we take great pride in our specialization in dry lining, offering unparalleled expertise and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. With a keen focus on quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction, our dry lining services consistently meet and exceed industry standards.

1. Specialist in Knauf and British Gypsum Systems:
As experts in the field, we have extensive experience working with renowned dry lining systems such as Knauf and British Gypsum. Our team strictly adheres to manufacturers’ recommendations, ensuring proper installation techniques, material selection, and system integration. By following industry best practices, we guarantee optimum performance and longevity for all our dry lining projects.

2. Lead Lined Plasterboard for Special Environments:
In environments requiring additional shielding and compliance with HTM (Health Technical Memorandum) and HBN (Health Building Note) regulations, we specialize in the installation of lead lined plasterboard. With meticulous attention to detail, we create secure spaces that meet the strict guidelines for radiation protection and other specific requirements.

3. Compliance with Building Regulations and BS 8212:
We place utmost importance on compliance with all relevant building regulations, including those outlined in the BS 8212 code of practice for dry lining. Our team stays updated on the latest regulations, ensuring that our dry lining installations fully meet the prescribed standards. By adhering to these regulations, we guarantee the safety, durability, and performance of our end products.

Quality Assurance and Defect-Free Deliverables:
At ILS Management Ltd, we prioritize quality as the foundation of our services. Our comprehensive quality assurance procedures ensure that each dry lining project undergoes rigorous inspections at every stage. This commitment to quality has earned us a long-standing record of delivering defect-free and compliant end products. Our meticulous attention to detail, from material selection to installation techniques, guarantees that our clients receive the highest standard of workmanship.



Crafting Exceptional Spaces with Precision and Skill

At ILS Management Ltd, we bring years of experience and expertise to every carpentry project, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

From interior and exterior trim to structural framing and outdoor structures, our skilled carpenters possess the knowledge and skills to tackle a wide range of carpentry fittings. We adhere to industry standards and regulations, including BS 8000-5:1990, which outlines the workmanship and quality of carpentry and joinery. This ensures that our carpentry work meets the highest standards of durability and precision.

Our carpentry services also encompass compliance with relevant building regulations, including those set forth in HTN (Health Technical Note) and HBN (Health Building Note). We prioritize safety and adherence to these regulations to provide secure and compliant carpentry fittings in special environments.

Some of the most common carpentry fittings we undertake include:

1. Interior and Exterior Trim: Installing baseboards, crown moulding, window and door casings, and other decorative trim elements that add elegance and character to a space.

2. Flooring Installation: Laying hardwood, laminate, or engineered flooring to create a durable and visually appealing surface that elevates the aesthetics of a room.

3. Structural Framing: Constructing sturdy frameworks for walls, floors, and roofs, ensuring structural integrity and providing a solid foundation for the entire construction.

4. Decking and Outdoor Structures: Building decks, pergolas, and outdoor structures that enhance outdoor living spaces, providing areas for relaxation and entertainment.

5. Restoration and Repairs: Repairing or restoring damaged or aged woodwork, breathing new life into existing structures and preserving their historical or architectural significance.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of carpentry fittings we undertake. Our skilled team approaches each project with precision, ensuring that every piece is meticulously crafted and installed to the highest standards outlined by industry regulations.

When you choose ILS Management Ltd for your carpentry needs, you can expect exceptional workmanship, attention to detail, and a commitment to creating functional and visually stunning spaces. Our carpentry services combine artistry, skill, and a passion for creating enduring structures that meet the highest industry standards and comply with relevant building regulations.


Joinery Excellence: Crafting Custom Woodwork with Precision and Artistry

At ILS Management Ltd, we are proud to offer exceptional joinery services that elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your spaces. Our skilled joiners bring years of experience and a passion for their craft to every project, ensuring impeccable results that exceed your expectations.

Joinery encompasses a wide range of woodworking techniques and specialties, and we excel in creating bespoke pieces tailored to your unique requirements. From exquisite cabinetry and furniture to intricate staircases and decorative moldings, our joiners bring your vision to life with meticulous attention to detail.

Some of the most common joinery works we undertake include:

1. Custom Cabinets and Shelving: We design and construct beautiful, functional cabinets and shelving solutions that optimize storage and organization while adding style to your space.

2. Bespoke Doors and Windows: Our joiners skillfully create custom doors and windows that enhance both the aesthetics and security of your property, providing a perfect fit and exceptional craftsmanship.

3. Staircases and Balustrades: We specialize in crafting stunning staircases and balustrades, combining form and function to create focal points that enhance the overall design of your interior.

4. Architectural Mouldings and Trims: From intricate cornices and baseboards to decorative paneling and crown moldings, our joiners expertly produce architectural details that add character and elegance to any space.

5. Custom Furniture: Whether it’s a unique dining table, a built-in bookshelf, or a one-of-a-kind bed frame, our joiners can create bespoke furniture pieces that perfectly complement your style and requirements.

ILS Management Ltd’s joinery services are renowned for their exceptional quality and attention to detail. Our team combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, using premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. We take great pride in delivering exquisite woodwork that transforms your spaces into truly extraordinary environments.

When it comes to joinery, ILS Management Ltd is your trusted partner. Let us bring our expertise and passion for woodworking to create stunning, customized pieces that add beauty and functionality to your residential or commercial projects.

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