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Loft Conversion – Neighbour Consultation Scheme




The Neighbour Consultation Scheme, often referred to as the Neighbour Consultation Scheme, is a regulatory requirement in the United Kingdom that applies to certain types of loft conversions. This scheme is designed to ensure that Neighbours who might be affected by your loft conversion are informed about the proposed work and have the opportunity to express any concerns or objections.



  1. When is the Neighbour Consultation Scheme Required?: The Neighbour Consultation Scheme typically applies to properties located within designated areas, primarily conservation areas and World Heritage Sites. These areas are deemed to have special architectural or historical significance, and any changes, including loft conversions, must undergo additional scrutiny.


  1. Conservation Areas: In conservation areas, the Neighbour Consultation Scheme is more likely to be enforced. This is because any alterations to buildings within these areas are subject to stricter regulations to preserve the character of the area.


  1. Notification to Neighbours: If your property is located within a designated area, you will be required to serve formal notice to your adjoining Neighbours. This notice will detail the proposed loft conversion, including plans and any other relevant information.


  1. Timeframe for Responses: Neighbours are typically given a specified timeframe to respond to the notice, typically around 21 days. During this period, Neighbours can provide comments or objections related to the impact of the loft conversion on their property or the local area.


  1. Reasons for Objections: Neighbours may raise objections for various reasons, including concerns about loss of privacy, changes to the property’s appearance, or potential damage to their own property during construction.


  1. Mediation and Resolution: If objections are raised, the local planning authority may get involved in mediation to help resolve disputes between Neighbours and the homeowner proposing the loft conversion. Mediation aims to find compromises and solutions that address concerns while allowing the loft conversion to proceed.


  1. Planning Decision: The planning authority will take into consideration any objections and comments from Neighbours when making a decision on your loft conversion application. If objections are not resolved, they may impact the planning authority’s decision.


  1. Planning Permission: If the planning authority is satisfied that the proposed loft conversion complies with relevant regulations and any concerns have been addressed, they may grant planning permission. If planning permission is denied, you may need to make adjustments to your proposal to address objections or concerns.


  1. Professional Guidance: It’s advisable to consult with a professional architect or planning consultant familiar with the local regulations and Neighbour Consultation Scheme requirements. They can help you navigate the process, provide guidance on how to address objections, and ensure that your loft conversion complies with all relevant regulations.


The Neighbour Consultation Scheme is intended to foster communication and cooperation among Neighbours and property owners within designated areas, particularly those with conservation and heritage significance. It ensures that any changes, including loft conversions, are considered in the context of the local environment and that the concerns of Neighbours are addressed to the greatest extent possible.

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