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Planning permission is a process that homeowners and property developers in the UK must go through to get approval from their local planning authority before making significant changes to their property, including house extensions. Planning permission is required when the proposed extension doesn’t fall under Permitted Development Rights (PDR) or exceeds the limits set by PDR. Here’s an overview of Planning Permission for house extensions, along with links to helpful resources:


  1. Types of Projects Requiring Planning Permission:

– Planning permission is typically required for larger and more complex house extensions. It’s necessary when the proposed extension doesn’t meet the criteria set out in the Permitted Development Rights (PDR) regulations. Criteria can include size limits, height restrictions, and other factors. Specific rules vary depending on the type of project and your location.


  1. Local Planning Authority:

– Your local planning authority is responsible for granting or denying planning permission. You can find information about your local authority and its contact details on the UK Government’s Local Council page.


  1. UK Government – Planning Permission Overview:

– The UK government’s official website provides an overview of the planning permission process, including details on when planning permission is required and how to apply. You can access this information at the Planning Permission Overview page.


  1. Planning Portal – Householder Planning Permission:

– The Planning Portal is a valuable resource for understanding householder planning permission in more detail. You can find information about when planning permission is needed for house extensions and how to apply on the Planning Portal – Householder Planning Permission


  1. Applying for Planning Permission:

– The application process for planning permission involves filling out specific forms and providing detailed information about your proposed extension. The UK Government – Applying for Planning Permission  page outlines the steps and provides links to relevant forms.


  1. Planning Permission Fees:

– There are fees associated with applying for planning permission. The amount you’ll need to pay depends on the scale and value of your project. The UK Government – Planning Permission Fees  page offers information on these fees.


  1. Consulting Professionals:

– Depending on the complexity of your project, consulting with an architect or planning consultant who has experience in securing planning permission for house extensions can be highly beneficial.


Understanding the requirements for planning permission is crucial when planning house extensions in the UK. It’s important to consult with your local planning authority and, if needed, use the provided resources to guide you through the application process. House extensions that require planning permission must adhere to local regulations and undergo thorough assessment by the planning authority.

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